Class 2 Truck Licensing

A class 2 licence allows you to drive a vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of 6000kgs up to 18,000kgs.
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Class 2 Truck Licensing by Driver Development
Day 1

Learner Licence

We help you through the class 2 learner licence theory, so you gain a good understanding of the road rules and legal obligations of holding a Class 2 licence.

You will then need to go to AA Whanganui and undertake the test the same day. You must gain this in order to proceed with the rest of the course.

Please note: Participation in this day is optional. Feel free to gain your learners licence in your own time prior, and just join us for the following days.

Day 2

Fatigue management & Logbooks (US24089)

Day 3

Class 2 Licence (US17574)

The day consist of the theory side of the class 2 licence, which is then put in to practice with a pre-drive and practical test.

Day 4

Practical drives and Assessment


Price does not include Learner Licence test fee at AA Whanganui.

MUST hold a current full car licence for at least 6 months.

MUST have a current medical in order to sit their learner licence. (Unless supplied one in last 5 years).

If you supply the vehicle there will be a reduction and this will be priced accordingly. Let us know if you require us to supply the vehicle as there will be an added cost.

Once you have passed your Class 2 Licence, you need to take your certificate and apply to AA Whanganui to have it put on your licence. This is an additional cost.

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